Broker Privacy Policy

This is the Credit Guide and Privacy Statement for our finance broker Partner that will process loans referred to through Voosh Connect.

Credit Guide & Privacy Statement Pty Ltd ACN 606 329 800 / Australian Credit Licence No.: 523 695


This Credit Guide (CG) provides you with important information about Pty Ltd (Ebroker) and its’ Credit Representatives who may provide you with credit services described in the CG.

As well as giving you important information that will help you decide if you want to use any of these services, it provides important information about:

  • who we (Ebroker and our Representatives) are,
  • the credit services we offer to help you evaluate and make an informed decision about whether to use the services described in this CG,
  • the remuneration that we and relevant persons receive for the services,
  • any arrangements which may influence our services to you,
  • our Privacy Statement, and
  • how we handle your complaints if you are not satisfied with the services provided.

About Us (we, us, our)


Ebroker holds an Australian Credit Licence No. 523695 issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). We conduct business through our inhouse finance brokers who are appointed as Credit Representatives under our Licence. ebroker is responsible for the advice and conduct of your finance broker as set out in this Credit Guide.

Broker Group:

Ebroker has a broker arrangement in place with Finsure ACN 72 068 153 926, Australian Credit Licence No 384704 and Beagle Finance Pty Ltd trading as LoanKit (“broker group”), ACN 140 290 268, Australian Credit Licence No. 383640. We obtain mortgage aggregation services from the broker group.
Ebroker also has a broker arrangement in place with FME Financial Services Pty Ltd ACN 82 169 052 804, Australian Credit Licence No 465860. We obtain leasing aggregation services from the broker group.

Our Contact Details

You can contact Ebroker at:
Address:1C 91 Upton Street, Bundall QLD 4217
Phone: 1300 44 14 14

Credit Assistance

Our (Ebroker) Credit Representative is authorized to engage in credit activities including providing credit assistance on behalf of Ebroker. They can provide you with the following Credit Assistance:

  • give you information about loan/lease products or related services,
  • consider whether you are eligible for a loan or lease or any related service you requested,
  • suggest a suitable credit contract, an increase to your credit limit and/or that you retain your existing credit contract,
  • assist you to apply for a credit contract or an increase in your credit limit,
  • recommend a suitable consumer lease or to retain your existing consumer lease,
  • assist you to apply for a consumer lease.

Our Responsible Lending Obligations To You

We are obliged to ensure that any loan or increase to a loan we help you to obtain or any lease we help you enter is not unsuitable for you. To decide this, we will need to ask you some questions in order to assess whether the loan or lease is not unsuitable.

To make this assessment, we must make reasonable enquiries about your objectives and requirements and for the credit contract or credit limit increase. We must also make reasonable enquiries about your financial situation and take reasonable steps to verify this information.

It is important that the information you provide us is accurate, complete and up to date, as if we proceed on incomplete or incorrect information, you may be in breach of your legal obligations to the lender.

We will not be able to give you Credit Assistance if our assessment shows that:

  • you won’t be able to meet the proposed repayments without substantial hardship, or
  • the loan or lease won’t meet your requirements or objectives.

We will prepare a written Preliminary Assessment. You can ask us for a copy of our assessment any time up to 7 years after we provide you with Credit Assistance. To request a copy please contact us.

We will provide you with a copy:

  • within 7 business days after the day we receive your request – provided you make the request within 2 years of the date of our Credit Assistance quote; or otherwise
  • within 21 business days after the day we receive your request.

We have an obligation under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Finance Act to verify your identity and the source of any funds. This means that we will ask you to present identification documents such as passports and driver’s licence. We will also retain copies of this information. We cannot provide you with Credit Assistance if you are unwilling to provide this information.

Lenders & Lessors

Subject to meeting credit criteria, we will be able to assist you to obtain loans and leases from a broad range of lenders and lessors through our broker group.
The following are the lenders or lessors with which Ebroker conducted the most business during 2022/2023:

1. Liberty
2. Macquarie Bank
3. Pepper Finance
4. CBA
5. Metro

Our Fees

We may charge a fee for providing Credit Assistance. More detail about those fees will be set out in a Credit Quote we will give to you before we provide you with Credit Assistance.

Other Fees & Charges

You may be charged a lender’s application fee, valuation fees and other fees associated with the loan or lease. These fees are not charged by Ebroker or our Credit Representative. You should review the disclosure documents and your loan contract or lease for further details of any such fees and charges.


Ebroker have appointed a broker group as our agent to receive commissions from lenders and lessors and to pay Ebroker commission in relation to loan contracts or leases for which we act as a Credit Representative and provide Credit Assistance. The total amount of commission Ebroker may receive in relation to your loan or lease may vary depending on the lender or lessor, the term, the features, the amount of the loan or lease you ultimately choose and the amount and timing of the repayments that you make. Some or all of a commission received by Ebroker may be paid to our Credit Representatives.

Loan Contracts such as Home Loans, Investment Property Loans:

Upfront commission payable by lenders in relation to loans is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount and is generally in the range of 0.5% and 1% of the loan amount. It is usually paid after settlement of the loan.

Trail commission payable by lenders in relation to loans is generally calculated regularly (monthly, quarterly, bi-monthly or annually) on the outstanding loan balance and is paid in arrears. The trail commission payable by lenders is generally in the range of 0% per annum and 0.30% per annum of the outstanding loan amount.

Personal Loans:

Upfront commission payable by lenders in relation to personal loans is calculated as a percentage of the loan amount and is generally in the range of between 1.65% and 2.75% of the loan amount. It is usually paid after settlement of the loan.

No trail commission is payable by lenders in relation to personal loans.


Upfront commission payable by lessors in relation to leases is calculated as a percentage of the lease amount and is generally in the range of 0.5% and 4% of the lease amount. It is usually paid after settlement of the lease. Trail commission is generally not payable in relation to leases.

Further details of the commission earned by us will be included in the Statement of Credit Assistance (SOCA) disclosure document we will provide to you at the same time as we provide you with Credit Assistance.

You can request information from us about the fees or commission that we are likely to receive, how they are calculated, and our reasonable estimate of the fees or commissions that will be payable.

Volume Bonus Arrangements

From time to time Ebroker, our Credit Representatives (or our broker group) may receive a benefit, directly by way of cash bonus or additional commissions or indirectly by way of training, professional development days or sponsorship, if we or our broker group write a particular volume of loans offered by those lenders.

Referral Fees

We may pay a referral fee (i.e. commission) for third party referrals. An example of a referrer would be a real estate agent, financial planner, accountant or solicitor. This fee is not payable by you.

Further information about referral fees, including our reasonable estimate of the amount of any fees payable and how it is calculated is available from us on request and will be included in the Credit Proposal disclosure document we will supply to you when we provide you with our Credit Assistance.

Ebroker and our Credit Representatives may also receive a benefit for referring you to other specialist service providers. We will disclose this to you at the time we make the referral.


The broker group provides services at arm’s-length to our business which include IT systems, loan information and lodgement systems, training and development, commission processing, conferences and professional development events, and assistance with regulatory and compliance obligations. In consideration of the services the broker group gives us, we pay fees to the broker group or the broker group retains some of the commission panel lenders pay on loans we arrange.

Our business is owned and managed independently from the broker group.

Our Dispute Resolution Procedures

Ebroker strives to provide an outstanding service to our clients, but we understand there may be instances when you are not happy with the service we provide.

We value your feedback and will address any complaint you have in a professional and timely manner.

Making a Complaint

In writing: 1C 91 Upton Street, Bundall QLD 4217
Phone: 1300 44 14 14

If you have a complaint about the service provided to you by eBroker, please contact us immediately. Your client manger team should be able to resolve the issues you raise satisfactorily.

If the mater has not been resolved to your satisfaction, you may, under our Internal Disputes Resolution (IDR) scheme, lodge a formal complaint with us.

Please document your complaint in writing and forward to:

Mail: The Complaints Officer
1C 91 Upton Street
Bundall QLD 4217


The Process

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint after receiving the details of your complaint. If any further documentation is required from you this will be requested in writing.

Our Complaints Officer will review the complaint carefully and promptly, taking appropriate steps to review all documents, client files and liaise with relevant parties. You will be informed of the outcome and reasons for the decision reached.

Time Frame

Unless there are exceptional circumstances, we are committed to resolving and responding to your complaint within 21 days.

The formal written final response to the complaint will state:
• The final outcome of the dispute at IDR
• The right to take your dispute to EDR (no matter what the result of the investigation was at IDR)
• The name and contact details of our EDR Scheme.

There may be an occasion where the complaint is more complex and could take longer to resolve. If this is the case we will;

• Inform you of the reasons for the delay
• Specify a date when a decision can be reasonable expected
• Notify you of your right to contact your external dispute resolution scheme

Third Party Products or Services:

If your complaint relates to a product or service acquired through a third party (for example, a lender) we may ask you to contact the relevant third party. It will deal with your complaint under its complaints resolution process.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint by the third party under its complaints resolution process, you are entitled to have your dispute considered by its External Dispute Resolution Scheme. Please contact the third party for further details.

External Dispute Resolution Scheme:

If you do not think we have resolved your complaint to your satisfaction, you may take the matter – free of charge – to our External Disputes Resolution Scheme (provided it is within the scheme’s terms of reference) as detailed below, but if our internal process is still in progress, they may request that our internal processes be complete before considering the matter further.

Our external dispute resolution service provider is the Australian Financial Complaints Authority which can be contacted via:

Telephone: 1800 931 678 (free call)
Mail Address: GPO Box 3, Melbourne, VIC 3001
Fax: 03 9613 6399

Privacy Statement

We need to collect personal information about you to provide you with our broking & related credit services. This privacy statement tells you how we collect your information, what we use the information for and who we share the information with. If we collect information that can be used to identify you, we will take reasonable steps to notify you of that collection. In certain circumstances, we may also be required to collect sensitive information (such as health information) on behalf of the lender in the course of giving you credit assistance.

How information is collected from you:

We will collect your information from you directly whenever we can, like from enquiries we make of you when you seek credit assistance from us. We may verify that information from sources referred to in the responses to those enquiries or in this privacy statement.

How information is collected from other sources:

Sometimes we will collect information about you from other sources as the Privacy Act 1988 permits.

We will do this only if it’s reasonably necessary to do so, for example, where:

  • we collect information from third parties about a loan or lease in relation to which you seek our services;
  • we can’t get hold of you and we rely on public information to update your contact details; or
  • we exchange information with your legal or financial adviser or other representatives;

Privacy Statement

We need to collect personal information about you to provide you with our broking & related credit services. This privacy statement tells you how we collect your information, what we use the information for and who we share the information with. If we collect information that can be used to identify you, we will take reasonable steps to notify you of that collection. In certain circumstances, we may also be required to collect sensitive information (such as health information) on behalf of the lender in the course of giving you credit assistance.

How information is collected from you:

We will collect your information from you directly whenever we can, like from enquiries we make of you when you seek credit assistance from us. We may verify that information from sources referred to in the responses to those enquiries or in this privacy statement.

When the law authorises or requires collection of information:

We may use your information for purposes including:

  • giving you Credit Assistance;
  • giving you information about loan products or related services;
  • considering whether you are eligible for a loan or lease or any related service you requested;
  • assisting you to prepare an application for a lease or a loan;
  • administering services we provide, for example, to answer requests or deal with complaints;
  • identifying you;
  • telling you about other products or services we make available and that may be of interest to you, unless you tell us not to;
  • telling you about other suppliers, with whom we have arrangements, that supply goods or services that may be of interest to you;
  • allowing us to run our business efficiently and perform general administrative tasks;
  • preventing or investigating any fraud or crime or any suspected fraud or crime;
  • as required by law, regulation or codes binding us; and
  • any purpose to which you have consented.

You can let us know at any time if you no longer wish to receive direct marketing offers from us. We will process your request as soon as practicable.

What Happens If You Don’t Provide Information?

If you don’t provide your information to us, it may not be possible to:

  • assist in finding a loan or lease relevant to your circumstances;
  • verify your identity or protect against fraud; or
  • let you know about products or services that might be suitable for your financial needs.

Sharing Your Information


We may use and share your information with other organisations for any purpose described above.

Sharing with your representatives and referees:

We may share your information with:

  • your representative or any person acting on your behalf (for example, lawyers, settlement agents, accountants or real estate agents); and
  • your referees, like your employer, to confirm details about you.

Sharing with third parties:

We may share your information with third parties in relation to services we provide to you or goods or services in which we reasonably consider you may be interested. Those third parties may include:

  • the broker group through whom we may submit loan or lease applications to lenders or lessors on the broker group’s panel. You can view our broker group’s privacy notice at It sets out how that broker group manages your personal information and where you can find its privacy policy;
  • Our Licensee
  • referrers that referred your business to us;
  • financial services suppliers with whom we have arrangements;
  • valuers;
  • lenders, lessors, lender’s mortgage insurers and other loan or lease intermediaries;
  • organisations, like fraud reporting agencies (CRB), that may identify, investigate and/or prevent fraud, suspected fraud, crimes, suspected crimes, or other misconduct;
  • Government or regulatory bodies as required or authorised by law. In some instances, these bodies may share the information with relevant foreign authorities;
  • guarantors and prospective guarantors of your loan or lease;
  • service providers, agents, contractors and advisers that assist us to conduct our business for purposes including, without limitation, storing or analysing information;
  • any organisation that wishes to take an interest in our business or assets; and
  • any third party to which you consent to us sharing your information.

Credit Providers

As part of providing our services to you, we may undertake tasks for a credit provider which is reasonably necessary to manage the application process. When doing so, we are acting as an agent for the credit provider, with the same privacy law requirements apply to both of us.

We may submit your application to one or more credit providers. Those credit providers are listed under Lenders and Lessors in this document.

A credit provider, to whom we submit an application, may disclose information about you to, and collect information about you from one or more CRBs.

The website of each credit provider contains details of each CRB with which it deals and other detail about information held about you, including whether that information may be held or disclosed overseas and, if so, in which countries. The websites also describe your key rights. This detail may be described on the credit providers’ websites as ‘notifiable matters’, ‘privacy policy’, ‘credit reporting policy’ or ‘privacy disclosure statement and consent’, or similar.

For each CRB the website details will including the following specific information: That the CRB may include information the credit provider discloses about you to other credit providers to assess your credit worthiness.

Sharing outside of Australia:

We are not likely to disclose your information to organisations overseas. However, we may store your information in cloud or other types of networked or electronic storage. As electronic or networked storage can be accessed from various countries via an internet connection, it’s not always practicable to know in which country your information may be held.

Information about other people:

If you give information to us about another person (like your co-applicant) in relation to the services we provide, you will let that other person know that:

  • we have collected their information to provide those services or for any other purpose set out in this privacy notice;
  • we may exchange this information with other organisations set out in this privacy notice;
  • we handle their personal information in the way set out in our Privacy Policy and this privacy notice and they can:
    access or request a copy of that privacy policy or this privacy statement; or
    access the information we hold about that other person,
  • by using our contact details above; and
  • we may not be able to provide those services to you unless we obtain their information.

Feedback on the handling of your personal information

Should you be unsatisfied in the manner in which Your Business Name has handled your personal information please contact us in the details listed above. We will take all necessary steps to investigate and address your concerns. If the issue you have raised is not resolved to your satisfaction you should contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at:

Telephone: 1300 363 992
Mail Address: GPO Box 5218, SYDNEY, NSW 2001

You can obtain a copy of our full Privacy Policy by contacting us using the details above. You can learn more about the Privacy Act and your rights at

Privacy Policy

You can find out more about how we manage your information by reading our Privacy Policy available by contacting us. Please see our contact details above. Also, you can read and obtain a copy of Ebroker’s Privacy Policy at the website address set out above. Our Privacy Policy sets out how you can ask us to access and seek to correct information we hold about you and how you may complain against us about a privacy issue.

This Privacy Policy was last revised on January 1st 2022.

We respect and value the privacy of our clients and have developed this Privacy Policy to demonstrate our commitment to protecting your privacy. This policy describes and sets forth our policies on the following topics:

This privacy statement describes how ebroker collects and uses the personal information you provide on our website. It also describes the choices available to you regarding our use of your personal information and how you can access and update this information.
You agree to this Privacy Policy by accepting ebroker’s Terms of Use, by accessing, browsing, or using this website. The Terms herewith do not only relate to unsecured business loans.

1. Collection and Use

We collect the following personal information:
Contact information such as name, mailing address, e-mail and telephone.
Unique identifiers such as user name, account number and password.
Preferences information such as product wish lists, order history and marketing preferences.
We collect the following information regarding your business:
Name, address, telephone, size, type, and various other aspects regarding your business.
Business Documents: Some clients provide various business and personal documents to ebroker to provide to certain potential lenders. These documents may include personal and business tax returns in addition to other sensitive documents. Any such documents are securely stored and safeguarded. At your request and with your permission, these documents may be shared with certain lenders. Under no circumstances will we disclose, transmit, or share in any way, these documents without your permission.

2. How we collect and use information

Log Files: Any time you visit any of our websites, our servers automatically gather information from your browser (such as your IP addresses, browser type, Internet service provider (ISP), referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, and number of clicks) to analyze trends, administer the site, prevent fraud, track visitor movement in the aggregate, and gather broad demographic information. For example, we may log your IP address for system administration purposes. IP addresses are logged to track a user´s session. This gives us an idea of which parts of our site users are visiting. We do not share the log files externally.
Cookies: We use cookies to keep track of some types of information while you are visiting our website or using our services. Cookies are very small files placed on your computer, and they allow us to count the number of visitors to our website and distinguish repeat visitors from new visitors. They also allow us to save user preferences and track user trends. We rely on cookies for the proper operation of our website; therefore if your browser is set to reject all cookies, the website will not function properly. Users who refuse cookies assume all responsibility for any resulting loss of functionality. We do not link the cookies to any personally identifiable information.
Web Beacons: Web beacons (also known as clear gifs and pixel tags) are small transparent graphic images that are often used in conjunction with cookies in order to further personalize our website for our users and to collect a limited set of information about our visitors. We may also use web beacons in email communications in order to understand the behavior of our customers. We do not link the web beacons to any personally identifiable information.
Sign-Up Information: To process sign-ups, we may require your name, address, phone number, email address and other personal information. Such information is used primarily to process your order or as otherwise described herein.
E-mails and Telephone Calls: We require an e-mail address from you when you register for our services. We use your e-mail for both transactional (e.g., order confirmation, refund and renewal processing) and promotional (e.g., newsletters, new product offerings, special discounts, event notifications, special third-party offers) purposes. E-mail messages we send you may contain code that enables our database to track your usage of the e-mails, including whether the e-mail was opened and what links (if any) were clicked. If you would rather not receive promotional e-mails from us, please see the section below labeled Choice/Opt-Out. We reserve the right to send you certain communications relating to the ebroker services, such as service announcements and administrative messages, without offering you the opportunity to opt out of receiving them. We may also contact you by telephone or text message (including to any wireless number you may provide to us) solely in connection with ebroker’s services. If you would rather not receive telephone calls or text messages from us, you may change or delete your number from your account preferences page(s), or ask to be removed from our contact list if you receive a call or text message from us. We fully comply with the requirements of the Australian SPAM Act.

3. Disclosure of Your Information to Third Parties

Disclosure By Law: You acknowledge and agree that we may disclose information you provide if required to do so by law, at the request of a third party, or if we, in our sole discretion, believe that disclosure is reasonable to (1) comply with the law, requests or orders from law enforcement, or any legal process (whether or not such disclosure is required by applicable law) and (2) protect or defend ebroker´s, or a third party´s, rights or property.
Disclosure to Trusted Third Parties By Us: Upon completing a profile for unsecured business loans on the site, we will share your information with potential lenders with whom you are matched. By accepting the Terms of Use of, you agree to receive various marketing materials from our trusted third parties, including potential lenders and service providers. We are not responsible for the material of the third parties or their actions. Your information may also be shared with third-party contractors that provide services to ebroker and are bound by this privacy policy. Your information will be treated as private and confidential by such third parties and not used for any other purpose than we authorize. In addition, from time to time, we may share personal information (such as e-mail or mailing address) about our user base with carefully selected third parties, so they can offer goods and services that we believe may be of interest to our users. If you do not wish to receive offers from our trusted partners, you can change your e-mail preferences at any time by following the steps outlined in the Choice/Opt-Out section below.
By disclosing your information to us through signing up on the Site and agreeing to the Terms, you expressly consent to any transfer of your information as described in this Privacy Policy, the Terms, and the Site.

4. Making Updates or Changes to Your Information; Data Retention

You may update or remove your profile information at any time by going to your profile page and clicking Edit My Profile. Any changes made will be updated immediately.
If you want to stop using your account you may deactivate it or delete it. When you deactivate an account, no lender or any other third party will have access to your account or information, but the information will not be deleted. By deactivating your account you will have the ability to restore the account in its entirety.
You may delete your account. If you choose to delete your account it will be permanently deleted from ebroker. You should only delete your account if you are certain you never want to reactivate it again.
ebroker will retain data in a commercially reasonable manner upon deletion of an account. If an account is deleted, only ebroker will have access to the information. No third party provider will have access to your personal information. ebroker will only use your data for internal research and ebroker marketing. Data that is retained by ebroker will be retained for a commercially reasonable period of time as determined by ebroker.

5. Services

We have extensive security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information stored in our database. These measures include the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology during credit card transactions and administrative access to site data, as well as other proprietary security measures which are applied to all repositories and transfers of user information. We will exercise reasonable care in providing secure transmission of information between your computer and our servers, but given that no information transmitted over the Internet can be guaranteed 100% secure, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information transmitted to us over the Internet and hence accept no liability for any unintentional disclosure. For further information, please see our Terms of Use.
In the event there is a data breach, ebroker will notify you within 45 days. We will notify you that a breach occurred, what type of information was breached, when the breach occurred, what steps you can follow to further protect your information, what actions we are taking regarding the breach and what steps we are taking to ensure the breach does not happen again.

6. Choice/Opt-Out

You may choose not to receive our newsletter or marketing emails prior to receiving any such materials by checking the No box when prompted at sign-up. You may choose to stop receiving our newsletter or marketing emails by following the unsubscribe instruction included in these emails or you can contact us at

7. Information Obtained from Third Parties

We purchase marketing data about our customers from third parties and combine it with information we already have about you, to create more tailored advertising and products.
If you provide information about others, or if others give us your information, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.
Any information obtained from a third-party will be used to assist matching your business with various lenders.
If you have any questions about security on our website, you can contact us at

8. Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

We may update this privacy policy to reflect changes to our information practices. If we make any material changes we will notify you by email (sent to the email address specified in your account) or by means of a notice on this Site. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy policy. When we make changes to this Privacy Policy we will revise the revision date at the top of the Privacy Policy.

9. Contact Information

You can contact us about this privacy policy by writing or email us at the address below:
1C 91 Upton Street, Bundall QLD 4217 Email:

10. List of Lenders ebroker deals with

Adelaide Bank
Ajuda Capital
Alex Bank
Angle Finance
Asset Line
Better Choice
Business Fuel
C1 Finance
Car Start
CFI Finance
Classic Funding Group
Earlypay Ltd
Finance One Commercial
Finance One Consumer
First Cashflow Solutions
Fitness Finance
FleetPartners Pty Ltd
Flex Fleet
Green Light Auto Finance
Grow Finance
Jacaranda Loans
Judo Bank
Limba Loans
Mango Credit
Max Funding
Money 3
Morris Finance
NOW Finance
Octet Finance
Pepper Money
Private Mortgages
Scottish Pacific
Secured Lending
Selfco Leasing
TL Commercial
Vine Finance
VW Finance
ZIP Business